Saturday, May 22, 2004

Looks or Money??? 

Answer to previous poll for guys (would you rather have a hot girl or a rich girl?):

The answer, as most of you have correctly pointed out, is HOT. To illustrate, take for example a very wealthy man in his 50s, who has been married to his wife for over 30 years (no prenupt. he was young and wasnt wealthy at the time) who decides that he does not find his wife attractive anymore, and knows that he can easily get some young blood. At the same time, he is also aware that if he divorces his wife to go with the young bimbo, he will most probably have to fork over half of his fortune. When wealthy men are faced with this choice of hot chick v. keeping their money, they always are willing to part with their money to get the hot chick. And if you were faced with the same dilemma you would do the same. For guys, looks beats money every time. This analysis does dont work with girls, most of which are money hungry whores.

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

Many readers, desperately in need of dating advice, have emailed me requesting that i provide an easy and convenient way for them to find all my previous posts in which i share my valuable dating advice.

I have set up another page (www.datingadvice.blogspot.com) and begun to post my previous dating tips onto that page. I have already posted several of my previous tips, and i will continue doing so over the next few days.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The other day I received an email asking me why i havent answered any dating question posed on Hashkafa.com in a while. So today i checked out the site and found a discussion on wild/weird dating stories. Some of the stories are quite risqué and over the top
An example of one such story:

One of my friends went out with a guy who was a cousin of a guy whom she had dated previously. When he asked her what she wanted to drink she requested water, as she always did on dates. The guy thought she was worried about the price so he brought her orange juice, which she then had to drink.

When the guy went home to the aunt where he was staying (he was an out of towner) his aunt asked him if he bought her a drink and he said yes she asked for water but i bought her orange juice. The aunt gave him a telling off and told him that she knew from the other cousin that this girl in fact likes water.

Sweet Mary mother of Jesus, that is just too much. If it was me, i would just die.

Monday, May 17, 2004

As posted below, Mrs. Einhorn and Mrs. Zimmerman are two social workers who give general dating for frumster users. In their advice article, they include the "biggest dating myths."

myth #4:

If you don't have physical intimacy before marriage, you won't know if you are sexually compatible and can be married to each other.

If any frumster readers are questioning how these two women are qualified to make such an assertion, you should remember that each of these woman has had sex with one man during the course of their lifetime, and as such are fully aware of the distinctions between relationships that are sexually compatible and those that are non compatible.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Reader posts comment:

Its blogs like this that prevent the coming of the Messiah

I wasnt aware that solving the shidduch crisis was holding up the messiah.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A YU student wrote a long comment a few posts ago, where i pointed out that of 80 YU students applying to law school last year, only 1 got into a top 5 law school (as opposed to touro which sent 3 out of around 20). I will address some of his points:

Where were the other students accepted? YU's overall results could be much more impressive. And what is the overall percentage of Touro students who aspire to and actually apply to law school compared to YU? You need to answer these questions if you wish to use your numbers to analyze the intellectual levels of both student bodies

I am not interested in which school has smarter students. What I was trying to point out is that intellegent students very rarely attend YU, which is why a dispropotionatly low number of YU students get admitted to top law and medical schools. In fact, its gotten so bad that YU students show off when they are admitted to einstein..kina like showing off after winning a medal at the special olympics.

I happen to know a YU student who has already been accepted to Georgetown, which, though ranked 14th by US News

Im sorry schools 1 through 13 rejected him.

Additionally, what kind of twisted term is "top five"?

If by "twisted" you mean schools that YU students have no shot of getting into, then yeah, I guess its "twisted."

The curriculum varies in different law schools, especially in important theoretical areas such as constitutional law. Law students received very different viewpoints in classes taught by Robert Bork, Raoul Berger, and Lawrence Tribe, just to cite a few examples. While Bork taught at Yale, Berger and Tribe (who continues to teach) at Harvard, giving these two schools reputations as the foremost con. law schools in the country, Georgetown is recognized by many as superior in this field because of its focus on political science and the Supreme Court, and the curious tendency for lawyers arguing in front of the Federal Bench being Georgetown alumni.

Thats nice. Who cares? Anyway, all this talk about harvard and yale is probably making YU students jealous.

Oh, and he's (his friend)on the waiting lists for Michigan and Penn, tied at 7 on US News's list, and for Northwestern, which is tied for 10th.

Let me know when the schools reject him.

Come to think of it, my friend might have been wait-listed at Columbia, ranked 4th by US News, but I don't quite remember. If true, and he's accepted, that would break him into your elite group of law schools, thus giving him sufficient intellectual standing to earn him bragging rights in your eyes!

True, but i dont think we have to worry about that happening.

Some folks at YU trying to compete with me have stolen my idea.

There is a new website coming called YUMatch.com. Included among the features is "rate a match." This sounds quite similar to my survey that I have been sending out, asking people to rate their dates (see a few posts down).

The difference with their service is that it only includes dating within the YU community. But then again this is always the case with YU students who tend to only date each other because most regular people are creeped out by YU folks, and therefore refuse to date them.

Monday, May 10, 2004

Received this email (the sender was most probably a frustrated cardozo law student):

I want to know why people are generally so much more impressed when they hear someone goes to Einstein than when they hear someone goes to cardozo, and why Einstein students are considered to be more intelligent? To see that cardoza students are just as smart, if not smarter than Einstein students, just compare median LSAT and MCAT scores for each school. I understand that it is difficult to compare an exam like the LSAT to the MCAT, which focus on science, therefore instead, compare the LSAT only Einstein's median score in the verbal section (which is somewhat comparable to the LSAT), and ignore the other sections of the MCAT. Here are the results:

Einstein median MCAT (verbal) 70-75th percentile (9.6)
Cardozo median LSAT 86-88th percentile (160)

It is clear from this evidence that Einstein students are in fact significantly dumber than cardozo students.

Also, this discrepancy cant be explained by arguing that MCAT takers on avg are more intelligent than LSAT takers and therefore percentiles dont mean anything, because the questions are very similar and answering the same percentage correct on either exam will leave you in approximately the same percentile

Very interesting email. Any Einstein students care to defend your intelligence? Sam?

If it makes you feel any better, email sender, I dont view cardozo any different than i do Einstein.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Several individuals have emailed (or commented) me informing me of their concerns regarding my survey (see post below). One such comment reads:

Better make sure the comments on this survey don't name names or identifying details, otherwise you threaten to cross the lashon hara line...

Another email i received asks "But what if a girl gets a low score, if enough people see it, this can ruin her. "

Yes, but the same can be said about a restaurant that receives a low score on the zagats survey. Furthermore, there is no reason to worry; a low score on my survey will ensure she is being paired with appropriate dates.
Here is what you all have been waiting for: Solving the shidduch problem once and for all.

It is quite understandable why so many readers have eagerly awaited my solution to this vexing problem. Indeed, the problem is so great that some people have created entire organization just to try and get a date. One such organization is endthemadness. But alas, all attempts at solving the problem thus far have come up short. Of course, until now.

Before I explain my plan of action I will first repeat what exactly is the root cause of the shidduch crisis, which, simply put, is high expectations. If people would just realize where they stand on the social desirability scale, they would become more realistic and try to date girls/guys who are in the same league as them.

The solution, which is almost half complete, is similar to the Zagats restaurant survey. I have selected a sample of guys who are single (or very recently engaged), both modern and yeshivish, and whose age vary a good amount. Each guy was given a form, asking them to list every girl they have been out with, how many dates (the more dates, the more heavily weighted), and to rate them on a desirability scale of 1-5 in different categories, which gets averaged into an overall score. There is also room for comments next to each girl listed. This survey will be periodically updated until all singles are listed. Thus far, this form has been distributed to over 200 guys, ranging for cool to “not so cool.” If you are reading this and wondering why you haven’t received one of these forms it is because I feel you have poor judgment, and I don’t want you messing up my survey. The rankings of over 600 girls have been complied at this, and are ready for distribution.

Ladies, there is no need to worry, I will not release the results until I get all the women/girls to fill out forms about guys. When this time arrives, people will be able to look at the survey and know exactly which girls/guys they should be going for and which they shouldn’t. There should never be more than a 1.5 point discrepancy between the parties.

And to alleviate your fears, I will be receiving the haskama of all the major rabbis.
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