Tuesday, May 11, 2004

A YU student wrote a long comment a few posts ago, where i pointed out that of 80 YU students applying to law school last year, only 1 got into a top 5 law school (as opposed to touro which sent 3 out of around 20). I will address some of his points:

Where were the other students accepted? YU's overall results could be much more impressive. And what is the overall percentage of Touro students who aspire to and actually apply to law school compared to YU? You need to answer these questions if you wish to use your numbers to analyze the intellectual levels of both student bodies

I am not interested in which school has smarter students. What I was trying to point out is that intellegent students very rarely attend YU, which is why a dispropotionatly low number of YU students get admitted to top law and medical schools. In fact, its gotten so bad that YU students show off when they are admitted to einstein..kina like showing off after winning a medal at the special olympics.

I happen to know a YU student who has already been accepted to Georgetown, which, though ranked 14th by US News

Im sorry schools 1 through 13 rejected him.

Additionally, what kind of twisted term is "top five"?

If by "twisted" you mean schools that YU students have no shot of getting into, then yeah, I guess its "twisted."

The curriculum varies in different law schools, especially in important theoretical areas such as constitutional law. Law students received very different viewpoints in classes taught by Robert Bork, Raoul Berger, and Lawrence Tribe, just to cite a few examples. While Bork taught at Yale, Berger and Tribe (who continues to teach) at Harvard, giving these two schools reputations as the foremost con. law schools in the country, Georgetown is recognized by many as superior in this field because of its focus on political science and the Supreme Court, and the curious tendency for lawyers arguing in front of the Federal Bench being Georgetown alumni.

Thats nice. Who cares? Anyway, all this talk about harvard and yale is probably making YU students jealous.

Oh, and he's (his friend)on the waiting lists for Michigan and Penn, tied at 7 on US News's list, and for Northwestern, which is tied for 10th.

Let me know when the schools reject him.

Come to think of it, my friend might have been wait-listed at Columbia, ranked 4th by US News, but I don't quite remember. If true, and he's accepted, that would break him into your elite group of law schools, thus giving him sufficient intellectual standing to earn him bragging rights in your eyes!

True, but i dont think we have to worry about that happening.

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