Tuesday, May 18, 2004

The other day I received an email asking me why i havent answered any dating question posed on Hashkafa.com in a while. So today i checked out the site and found a discussion on wild/weird dating stories. Some of the stories are quite risqué and over the top
An example of one such story:

One of my friends went out with a guy who was a cousin of a guy whom she had dated previously. When he asked her what she wanted to drink she requested water, as she always did on dates. The guy thought she was worried about the price so he brought her orange juice, which she then had to drink.

When the guy went home to the aunt where he was staying (he was an out of towner) his aunt asked him if he bought her a drink and he said yes she asked for water but i bought her orange juice. The aunt gave him a telling off and told him that she knew from the other cousin that this girl in fact likes water.

Sweet Mary mother of Jesus, that is just too much. If it was me, i would just die.
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