Monday, May 10, 2004

Received this email (the sender was most probably a frustrated cardozo law student):

I want to know why people are generally so much more impressed when they hear someone goes to Einstein than when they hear someone goes to cardozo, and why Einstein students are considered to be more intelligent? To see that cardoza students are just as smart, if not smarter than Einstein students, just compare median LSAT and MCAT scores for each school. I understand that it is difficult to compare an exam like the LSAT to the MCAT, which focus on science, therefore instead, compare the LSAT only Einstein's median score in the verbal section (which is somewhat comparable to the LSAT), and ignore the other sections of the MCAT. Here are the results:

Einstein median MCAT (verbal) 70-75th percentile (9.6)
Cardozo median LSAT 86-88th percentile (160)

It is clear from this evidence that Einstein students are in fact significantly dumber than cardozo students.

Also, this discrepancy cant be explained by arguing that MCAT takers on avg are more intelligent than LSAT takers and therefore percentiles dont mean anything, because the questions are very similar and answering the same percentage correct on either exam will leave you in approximately the same percentile

Very interesting email. Any Einstein students care to defend your intelligence? Sam?

If it makes you feel any better, email sender, I dont view cardozo any different than i do Einstein.

Law school depends very highly on verbal intelligence, whereas med school does not. It's like comparing the math SAT scores of students at MIT and Harvard, and concluding that MIT is therefore a better school.
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