Thursday, June 10, 2004

Yeshivas in Israel 

(re-ordered post)
More on Israeli yeshivas:

I will sort Israeli yeshiva programs into two categories: programs I like, and programs I dislike. My ranking methodology will not be made public, and all results are final.

Programs I dislike:

1) Tiferet Yerushalayim (TJ)- Inferior in every respect. I would worry that writing this may offend people who went to TJ, but I highly doubt their literacy.

2)Hakotel- Wouldnt be such a bad program if, like Einstein medical, they just accepted their mediocre status, and recognize that it will never change.

3) Gush- A bunch of overachieving intellectual wannabes. Tend to fall short when more than just hard work is required. Usually end up in inferior academic institutions and jobs such as YU Simicha program or Einstein.

4) Lev Arieh- See TJ above.

Programs I like:

1) OJ- They take dedication to substance abuse to a whole new level. Very impressive indeed.

2) Merkaz- Nice clean crisp shirts. None of this "wear the same shirt for 2 weeks straight" nonsense.

3) Raishit- I know one person who went there. He doesnt bother me. This is a good thing.

4) Bias Yisroel- Conformity at its finest!

If you attended one of the above mentioned yeshivas and feel the comments are not accurate or do not apply to you, you are clearly mistaken.
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