Thursday, April 29, 2004

Reader sends in a long email:

A problem exists within the frum community that must be addressed. There are people out there who lie about their professional and academic credentials, leading all their friends and family to believe they are more impressive and accomplished than they truly are. The worst part about this is that these type of people hog, not only the spotlight of those who truly deserve to be commended for their accomplishment, but their potential dates as well. Very few single people in the frum community have super impressive credentials, and having people lie and claim to be what they aren't greatly diminishes the accomplishments of the deserving few. These frauds seem to have every frum person fooled, because every frum guy and girl wants to believe they are associated with greatness and can tell others of their friendships with such impressive people. How many times do I have to hear "oh, moshe, its nice that you have such great academic and professional accomplishments, but I know XXX who has done even better." This is so frustrating because I know who they are talking about and I know he is a fraud! Mike, I feel you are the only person who can understand my grievance, and I hope you can do something about it. How many girls do I have to lose to this liar?

PS Please keep this on the down-low and dont post it on your site,

Moshe Anon.

Moshe, I think I, as well as many others reading your private email know precisely which individual you are referring to. He is indeed a great fraud and has most people fooled. To solve this problem, i will give Mr. Fraud and ultimatum:

If by the end of the week, I do not receive an email from you apologizing for your acts and promising to cease making up stories, at once, I will have to take drastic action and out you for being a fraud. Cheers.

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