Friday, March 26, 2004

Several readers have emailed me, informing me of the specific reasons why they were banned from frumster, and asking me to comment on it.

Frumsters "banning" policies:

If you ever browse through the profiles on frumster, you will find that almost all the profiles sound the same. "I am a spiritual person...looking for someone to grow with...needs to have a good sense of humor but also know when to be serious.... etc." If youve read one youve read them all.

You will also notice, that not only will you not find find any profiles with humorous content, you are unlikely to find anyone even making an attempt at humor (whether successful or not).

The reason for the above observations is because the person (people) behind frumster is a self righteous tool, who only wants members that conform to his own personality. If he misses sarcasm, or doesnt find something funny he will not allow that profile on frumster. It doesnt matter if there wasnt anything obscene or vulgar in the profile, if the profile doesnt sound like someone the frumster admins would want to hang out with, they simply wont allow that profile.

The problem with this is that not only are the frumster admins intellectually inferior, they are also extremely boring, serious minded people, who have not gotten over being stuffed into a lockers back in their highschool days. They are resentful of anyone who seems to display confidence, wit, or any type of personality quirk, and they are very easily offend by any type of off color remarks. What we are left with are all boring sounding profiles.

Now dont get me wrong, i do believe they are doing a good service by running a free dating website. But the guys behind the website are bit too proactive in weeding out profiles. In fact, they even banned my "Joe-not-a-rapist," and "Internet predator" profiles.
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