Thursday, March 18, 2004

A reader sent the following email:

Dear Mike,

I am an avid fan of your site. I had an interesting experience that I would
like to run by you for your professional opinion. I went on a first date
with a girl who rated a 21 (out of 30) on my Marriagability Scale (Money -
8, Looks - 5, Personality - 8). The date went well, and according to the
shadchan this girl had a nice time and wanted to go out again. But when I
called the girl to ask her out a second time, she said no! ("This is not a
good time", she said). I'm not overly upset about this due to her mediocre
score in the Looks department, but my question is... has this ever happened
before? Why would someone decline the comfortable shield of the shadchan and
lie to him or her, just to reject a date personally?

An Anonymous Reader

First, i must commend you on your ranking the different qualities of the girl, and even more so, for including the rankings in your email. As many of my readers are aware, I strongly support rankings of all kind.

Realize, I have never been in such a situation (or even just turned down by a girl for that matter) so I cant answer this question from personal experience, however, my knowledge of movies, and friends' sob stories, combined with my superior intellect will enable me to answer your question with little difficulty.

The answer is that she is one of those crazy, man-hating lesbian bitches, that I keep warning my readers about. She, no doubt, told the shadchan she would go out with you on a second date, with the hopes of getting you all excited just so she can crush you when she rejects you over the phone. Lucky for you she was unattractive, so you never cared in the first place.

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