Friday, March 05, 2004

The other day I received an interesting email:

"Can you please start a thread about Yeshivot in Israel. Hakotel (Netiv
Aryeh) is obviously #1, but after that, it is not so clear."

Now, i have to be honest, Israeli yeshivaS are not my specialty, but I have encountered enough students from the various yeshivas for me to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of various yeshivas.

First off, no matter how selective or prestigous a yeshiva is, it will have its share of duds. The reason for this is that the selection committees dont make enough use of objective criteria such as standardized exams, and IQ tests. How many times have we seen the "top" student from the "top" yeshiva apply to law school, only to end up in Cardozo? Contrary to popular belief, hard work can take you very far in the yeshiva world, but once these students are faced with cold hard measurements of intelligence, their true colors show.

I will soon post my definitive ranking of Israeli yeshivas. The final rankings will surprise many, but you can be sure of one thing- Hakotel will not be anywhere near the top.
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