Wednesday, March 03, 2004

A friend of mine showed me an article from the YU Observer. It reads:

"Although long overshadowed by Einstein, Cardozo has actually been slowly gaining in reputation since its founding. When it was only 10 years old, Cardozo was acknowledged as the best of the new law schools, and it has risen in repute since then, said YC and SCW pre-law advisor Dean Michael Hecht. Though when it first opened Cardozo was equitable with Brooklyn Law School, it is now considered basically on par with Fordham Law School and probably fourth among the city’s 15 law schools, said Hecht."

Now, maybe this holds true in the sheltered confines of the YU universe, but for regular folks, it is completely absurd. Most people who go to Fordham law, not only chose Fordham over Cardozo, but they also turned down significant scholarships at Cardozo for no money at Fordham.

Fordham, while not an elite academic institutions where one can be proud to attend, is a top tier school. Something Cardozo will never be. The fact that Cardozo is "overshadowed by Einstein" also speaks quite loudly to the low quality of the school. If YU students would step outside their alternate universe for just one second, they would finally realize how little respect they garner from both the yeshivish and adcademic/professional world. This is also why no one outside their little circle wants to date them.

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