Monday, March 15, 2004

Comments on the west side:

A few weeks ago, I discussed a serious problem in the Jewish dating world. The amazing accuracy, and practical importance of my earlier post is most evident when viewing singles on the west side. To make things easier for readers, I will repost the section from my earlier discussion:

Determining your value on the dating market:

Just because you had one relationship with a hot girl doesnt mean that any other "it" girl will go for you. I have seen some guys get over confident, and unrealistically raise their expectations simply because they dated one pretty girl. It is most likely that this girl had somekind of weird taste in guys, or was otherwise intoxicated. . .

When a man thinks he is more socially desirable than he actually is, it causes him to turn down many girls who are in the same league as him, with the hopes of getting a girl who is way out of his league. It was a fluke. Time to set realistic expectations and date that mediocre girl.

Now, while the exact reasoning behind these unrealistic expectations may vary, the main point remains true: Many guys (and girls) do not know their value on the dating market. This problem is magnified with residence of the west side.

I would say that a good 75% of the men who live on the west side believe that they fall on the high end of the social desirability scale. When in fact, only about 5 or so percent can truthfully claim they are hot shiznit. Most of the the guys are in fact, unattractive, unsuccessful, socially awkward, or just otherwise creepy. This results in having the large majority of west side guys, who have zero chance landing a hot chick, ignoring all the girls (95%) who they actually have a shot at dating.

People wonder how there can be so many single Jews on the west side and yet so few of them have dates. Well, wonder no more.
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