Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Someone posted this description of YU students in the comment section of the Chakira blog:

"Its time these pasty-faced mother&%*$s with their Nextel phones, Haztalah walkie-talkies, daddy's (or YU's) charge card, hexagonal wire-rimmed spectacles, high-speed connections to only Simchas, nicely groomed sideburns, virginal 16 year old Stern girlfriends and Shloime Dachs CDs realized that they are only considered cool by a very very (very) small minority of people on this planet. Everyone else looks at you with apprehension and a sort of queasy sense of unease.
If you have an inflated ego (or any sense of self worth) and feel like you 'belong' because you are involved in one of these groups, you are in for some RUDE awakenings after leaving the YU world (or maybe you can just move to Teaneck or the Five-Towns, and keep the whole charade going...)."

Truer words have never been spoken.

Why am I posting this comment? You ask. Well, I will soon be posting about the dating habits of YU boys, and this comment is a perfect illustration of YU guys and the way they think. It also helps explain why they act the way they do. Couldnt have said it better myself.

If you are a YU student and feel the above comment is not an accurate describtion of yourself, you are clearly mistaken.
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