Sunday, February 22, 2004

Internet Dating:

Quite often, people walk up to me in the street and ask, "Mike, do you think frumster is a good idea?" To which I reply, "the fact that you asked me this question is indicative that you do not have a date, so give frumster a try."

To be honest though, it is far more complicated than this. I have checked out frumster on many occasions, and while frumster seems to have worked wonders for those creepy looking folks whose pictures are displayed on top of the site (this means you Gavin!!!!), it is not for everyone. Clearly, those hotty girls who get asked out by guys every time they turn the corner, have no need for such a service. This, however, does not apply to all hot girls. Many hot girls have awful luck and are only asked out by the weirdest guys, usually 40 somethings on the west side, and for them frumster could come in handy. (In fact, my sources have informed me, that if a pretty picture of a girl gets posted on frumster, "she" will receive dozens, sometimes even hundreds of messages in no time at all).

Also, girls who do not fall in the "hot" category (which, unfortunately, is most of you. Yes, even you), could benefit a great deal from frumster. Especially those who are not connected to extensive social networks (i.e., are not wealthy).

Many girls are weary of using Internet dating out of fear of meeting some complete stranger, who is potentially creepy and dangerous. This should be not be a concern. You girls are forgetting how many times you have allowed yourselves to be set up by people you hardly know, to people they hardly know, and the guy turns out to be one weird mofo. Fact is, the odds of someone you meet on frumster being very weird, is no greater than being set up with someone very weird.

For guys: NO guy should be hesitant to use Internet dating. For one, its not like ALL your dates arent blind dates. Second, there is no real threat of any kind of danger. Last, Internet dating is a fine method of "hooking up" with girls (for this, you may have better luck using jdate than frumster).

And remember, it worked for Gavin! (and his wife is a fool if she believes that she was Gavin's "first" frumster date. )
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