Thursday, February 26, 2004

First date advice:

Guys: Much like with the first phone call, try to keep the first date as short as possible. As much as many of you dont want to hear this, the girls' mind is made up (regarding the second date) the moment she opens the door to greet you. In cases where the guy has lots of money, the girls mind is made up before the first phone call. Of course, the guys mind is also made up the second he sees the girl, but this post is only discussing situations where the guy wants to go out again.

So guys, try to keep the first date one activity or less. If the girl doesnt like you, taking her to "arcades" after dinner will not win you that second date (to my horror, I have been told that people actually go to arcades on dates) . And of course, if she likes you, a second activity will be unnecessary.

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